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No Title Description Price*
1 Friston Windmills 300 years of Windmills at Friston. £0.80
2 Some Childhood Memories East Dean & Friston from 1881 to 1900 by Mrs. Frederick. £0.80
3 The Crowlink Story Farming on the Downs in the 1940s by Capt. Davies. £1.30
4 Blacksmiths of East Dean The forge & the craftsmen who worked there. £1.30
5 Down on the Farm Poems & recollections of a bygone age by William Armiger, part 1. £1.80
6 Belle Tout & the Lighthouse Belle Tout, Darby’s Cave and the old lighthouse. £1.80
7 Eastbourne's Refuse Destructor The Story of a Victorian Smoking Chimney. £1.30
8 Ray Kemp - One of the Last Ox Boys An East Dean Man Remembers Working with Oxen. £1.30
9 A Short History of East Dean Village School From Agricultural School to State School. £1.30
10 Whatever Did We Do? Poems & recollections of a bygone age by William Armiger, part 2. £1.80
11 Friston Pond The Origins & Rescue of the Village Pond. £0.80
12 Friston Place The History of the House with a 1930s Guided Tour. £1.30
13 Birling Manor The Development of the Manor. £1.30
14 The Dipperays The Story of the House and its Redevelopment. £1.30
15 Sit Quiet & Rest Awhile Poems & recollections of a bygone age by William Armiger, part 3. £1.80
16 Old East Dean East Dean in 1785 - illustrated by Samuel Hieronymus Grimm. £0.80
17 Birling Gap & Seven Sisters Wrecks, rogues & heroes. £2.40
18 Another View Humorous & sad messages from the Past. £1.80
19 A Walk Around East Dean A Guided Tour with Historical Notes. £1.80
20 Give a Little Sigh William Armiger’s poems & recollections, part 4. £1.80
21 Downlands Estate Booklet The history, environment & buildings in 1929. £2.40
22 Downlands Estate Supplement Photographs and Particulars of Houses for Sale in 1934. £2.40
23 The Origin of Ancient Names Place names & Tithe Maps of East Dean & Friston. £1.80
24 A A Evans Sussex Writer, Parson & Vicar of East Dean & Friston, 1908 - 1929. £3.00
25 My Dog Spot and other tales William Armiger’s Early Life - stories & recollections, part 5. £1.80
26 The Manor of Peak Dean A history of the land where the Downlands Estate was built. £1.30
27 Two Downland Churches East Dean & Friston Churches — their History & Architecture. £2.40
28 A Walk Around Friston & Crowlink A Guided Tour with Historical Notes. £2.40
29 Building the New Beachy Head Lighthouse A contemporary account of this monumental task. £1.30
30 Notes from My Life William Armiger’s Early Life - stories & recollections, part 5. £1.80
31 Hastings East Hill Lift The history and grand re-opening of the lift. £1.30
32 Jack High A celebration of 75 years of the East Dean & Friston Bowling Club. £3.50
33 'Victoria''s Diamond Jubilee (How we celebrated)' How East Dean & Friston celebrated in 1897. £1.30
34 Paynes Dene Jottings Memories of family life - 1946 to 1951. £1.80
35 Willie Elijah Tshabana A Soldier in a Foreign Land. £1.30
36 RAF Friston Diary of a Wartime Airfield with some personal memories. £3.50
37 Gore Farm The story of a lost farm. £1.80
38 The Great Explosion at Seaford The dramatic attempt to save Seaford Bay. £1.30
39 The East Dean Telegraph Office Connecting London and Paris via a small Sussex village. £1.80
40 The Blue Boys of WW1 Treating the ''Blues'' at Summerdown Convalescent Camp. £3.50
41 An Interesting War A Friston resident remembers a childhood adventure. £3.00
42 The East Dean & Friston War Memorial The History of the War Memorial and the lives of the people listed there. £3.00
43 Eastbourne Miniature Tramway The popular tourist attraction that ran from 1953 to 1969 at the Crumbles. £0.80
44 The Vegetable, Flower & Fruit Show Its history and development in East Dean. £1.80
45 The Shepherd of Beachy Head The life of a famous East Dean shepherd. £2.40
46 Friston Waterworks Victorian Engineering that changed the landscape of the Downs. £2.40
47 The Village Halls of East Dean & Friston The venues that served these villages for many years and the building of a new one. £2.40
48 The Trial of Dr John Bodkin Adams Murderer or Man of Mercy? The controversial case of a local GP. £2.40
49 Branch Line to Birling Gap The ill-fated railway routes to East Dean & Birling Gap. £2.40
50 Augustine Courtauld The adventures of an Arctic explorer. £3.50
51 The Holiday Fellowship at Crowlink When North Barn was a centre for walking holidays on the South Downs. £3.00
52 Beachy Head Woman Fleshing out the story of a Roman skeleton. £0.80
53 Francis Arnatt The man who created the Downlands Estate. £2.40
54 Operation Jubilee East Dean & Friston's links to the ill-fated Dieppe raid. £2.40
55 Youth Club & Camping Trips A lasting memento of happy times. £1.80
56 Mary Ann Gilbert Agricultural & Social Reformer — 1776 to 1845. £2.40
57 Decimus Burton An appreciative re-examination of a forgotten architect. £1.80
58 Village Tales from East Dean & Friston Stories old and new, fanciful and true. £2.40
59 My First Day at School Early impressions and smells of East Dean School. £1.30
60 Clipper Ship Coonatto The fast clipper ship wrecked off Seven Sisters Cliffs. £1.80
61 The Greensward East Dean & Friston’s new village green. £1.30
62 Memories of East Dean School In the Nineteen Forties and Fifties. £2.40
63 The Village Shops of East Dean & Friston Local shops through the ages. £3.00
64 A Caravan in East Dean A Family’s Holiday Album from 1926. £1.80
65 Royal Jubilee Celebrations Held in East Dean & Friston. £2.40
66 The Big Freeze of 1962‒63 When East Dean & Friston were cut off. £2.40
67 Newhaven Seaplane Station A WW1 anti-submarine patrol base near Newhaven. £2.40
68 Local Heroes Celebrated on our buses £2.40
69 Bullock Down Racecourse Charting its rise and fall £2.40
70 The Tiger Inn East Dean’s Pub for all Seasons £2.40
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Loose Leaf Binder

A special EDFLHG loose leaf binder, with gold stamped lettering, is also available. The binder holds up to twelve booklets and costs £7.00.
OUR LATEST PUBLI-CATION (no. 70) is about our local pub, the Tiger Inn. On every sunny  weekend in the summer, East Dean’s Village Green sees an invasion of tourists, visitors and ramblers. Many  crowd into the historic little pub for refreshment, both solid and liquid. In the winter the Tiger reverts to a meeting place for locals. Our booklet has a comprehensive history of this popular Sussex pub which has won many awards, including the CAMRA South-East ‘Rural Pub of the Year’.

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