1. TITLE - The Group shall be known as the East Dean & Friston Local History Group.
2. OBJECTS - To hold meetings, research, record, catalogue and publish the history of the parishes of East Dean & Friston, on a non-profit making basis.
3. OFFICERS - There shall be a Chairman, Hon. Secretary, Hon. Membership Secretary and Hon. Treasurer. The committee may create other officers as may be deemed to be necessary and officers may be co-opted to the committee if a post falls vacant.
4. MEMBERSHIP - The group shall be open to all those interested in the furthering of the objects of the Group. Members whose subscriptions are not paid by the 30th May in any year will be deemed to have ceased to be members. Members joining on or after the September Meeting in any year and paying the annual subscription will be deemed fully paid for the following year. All speakers will be made honorary members for the day of their talk.
5. SUBSCRIPTION - The annual subscription and 'meeting' rates shall be decided at the Annual General Meeting of the Group and shall come into effect on the following 1st January. The Group's ‘year’ shall run from January to December.
6. ANNUAL GENERAL MEETING - The Annual General Meeting of the Group will be held at the March meeting. At this meeting a report on the activities of the group and an audited statement of accounts will be presented, Officers elected, auditor appointed and general business transacted. At least fourteen days clear notice shall be given of the date of the AGM. The agenda will be available at the previous meeting and posted on the Group's Web site. Any motion to be considered at the Annual General Meeting must be forwarded to the Hon. Secretary in writing twenty-one days before such meeting. A quorum at this meeting shall be 6 paid-up members.
7. DISSOLUTION - Should the Group be dissolved at a General Meeting all monetary assets remaining after the payment of just debts shall be paid or transferred to some other charitable organisation or organisations according to the decision by simple majority of those members present and voting.The Group’s archives shall be transferred to East Sussex Record Office at The Keep or to another suitable organisation according to the decision by simple majority of those members present and voting.
8. ALTERATION OF CONSTITUTION - Alteration or addition to the constitution can only be effected at an Annual General Meeting or at an Extraordinary General Meeting, called for that purpose, and by a two-thirds majority of those present and voting.
  Updated: February, 2018; Approved: 28 March, 2018